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After a Long Winter


Tuesday, 17. August 2010

500 factories failed to meet emission reduction targets

By daiqianwen, 06:10

AUTHORITIES in eastern China have cut off electricity to more than 500 factories for a month after they failed to meet emission reduction targets, domestic media reported yesterday.

The order from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was the latest salvo by the government as it tries to slash the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and restructure the economy.

The news came after China warned more than 2,000 companies in high-polluting and energy-intensive industries to shut down outdated equipment or risk having bank loans frozen, approvals for new projects dry up and their power turned off.

“Some of their high energy consumption is due to the factories’ antiquated production facilities,” Zhao De, an energy official with the province’s department of economic and information technology, was quoted as saying.

Sun Yangzhi, an official at Zhongcheng Cement Factory which employs 700 people in the city of Huaibei, told the newspaper his plant received a notice that power to the plant would be cut for a month two days before the blackout.

He told the newspaper it was the first time the province had cut power to such a large number of factories, although previously officials had put limits on power consumption during peak summer months.

The 506 factories in eight cities targeted by officials in Anhui Province are mostly in industries that consume high amounts of energy such as the coal, chemical and metallurgical sectors, the China Daily newspaper reported.


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Monday, 05. July 2010

Rural area part

By daiqianwen, 09:51

做個環保人|惦念舞者|故鄉的蘆葦| 別樣生活理財 | 搬運與儲存服務|期許,靜若初荷|浮風若囈|人生的一部分|足球的誘惑|人生如航海|柴魚的營養價值|鳳尾魚的營養價值|艾草的的使用方法|如何切土豆絲 |人間歸園田居|雨中瞬間|就讓我們隨遇而安|不眠之夜來到布拉格|花兒燦爛|十六歲的情懷|

 George? Special Rucker " spring of soul "  " soul "  Called to " strange land on the earth person "
    Hou Xiaoxian: "I pat " sad feeling city " and does not want ' take off the old scar ', but I think where to go if we will understand where oneself come from, must face oneself and one's own history. "
    Astronomy of bright red: "The realm has size, but not by dividing well and badly, ' drizzle fish produce, the breeze swallow is oblique ', what be hurriedly as good as ' setting sun takes the big flag, Ma MingFeng soughs ' " .  There is not era politics that interfere separation and reunion under while " longing for the travel fatigue ", there is no vast and hazy undirected disturbing noisily in modern city. Hou Xiaoxian collects for us while " longing for the travel fatigue ", it is the historical period with one climax following another that has already passed by, this period of best time of the middle that the postindustrial era of the complete materialization of blue mountains and green waters, traditional human relation has not come yet!
    "The thing that only grows from the native soil, could move people deeply. "
    "Way of poem, not because with conflict, with reflect, with uneven contrast, display agony with dramatic conflict neither, the result can't be dissolved with the tragedy last ' redeems ' either. The poem is in order to reflecting limitless rheology in space-time, it is also transient fact to contrast the fact that people exist among them, in order to redeem and dissolve the poem, but there is no one that stopped to sing, ponder and read continuously silently all one's life. "
    The blue wave " dusk ":
    In blue dusk of summer, I will go on the deep and remote foot-path, sting the skin regardless of the stem of the wheat, go for an outing in early spring strolling; Experience that and permeate through the arch of the foot, my illusion ice-coldly   Long wind, passes over my heads lightly. I say nothing, nothing is moved; But boundless love overflows from the soul depths. Seem Percy Milan inferior people, I will move towards the nature.
    Wiethe root Stein: Every morning, you must push the dull and dreary rubble aside again, in order to touch the warm and lifelike seed.  Our heart, just like this seed, our vigor is just like this seed. It is so tender and lovely, so fragile, but full of limitless life, is full of limitless possibility.
    Gu Cheng: At Chinese modern times, one side of recessive culture, nearly disappeared. All over the world, king's land is it possible that. The country uses its tight governance, and limited modern technology, has destroyed all village communities, have destroyed the ideal poetic conception and background like people's natural life, temple and the Peach Garden. Chinese culture has lost its quiet core, its root. People have left his traditional life and natural interest too, begin to vainly hope to recklessly act, as blind as leaving the fish of water. This is that I am difficult to bear. All ignorant persons on the street, a gust of wind can blow afloat all dust.
    Tan Dun: "In the Taoist temple of the countryside of Hunan, the old Taoist priest will send out the sound the music with paper   From blowing the vibrations sound of the paper to all kinds of sound of rubing the paper with the hands, rubing, tearing and sending out, make up the most primitive music. To people now, let the paper can sound and only burn the paper money. " " I played in the pond while as a child, " The sound of water, so rich and varied, sometimes but so directly enter the heart. And the paper is happy, come from the culture of Hunan witch clearly spirit, " ancient people can use the paper to make a lot of things, flow come down cook paper money is boring one most, they have, blow paper, rub the paper with the hands, the paper wafts,etc. now, thing that I do, let these and symphony connected. "

Monday, 14. June 2010

Country goes uptown for CMA Music Festival in Nashville

By daiqianwen, 10:21
Nashville puts on a post-flood party, drawing thousands of fans and dozens of country artists for the four-day CMA Music Festival. USA TODAY surveys the action.

No triskaidekaphobia:Taylor Swift parlayed her favorite number into a theme for her fan event, taking over the Bridgestone Arena for a 13-hour signing event Sunday afternoon that featured not only an acoustic performance but also a peek behind the curtain of the superstar's tour trappings, such as her bus, backstage "tea party," wardrobe and set pieces. Alongside bracelets gifted to her by fans, Swift had fans write numbers on her arm marking how many hours she had been signing autographs. "It'll be interesting to see how many numbers I have at the end of the night," Swift says. "It's so much fun because they're all so nice and they say really sweet things. I'm so proud of my team for putting together an event that was exactly what I had in my mind."

Speechless:American Idol's Danny Gokey got his first taste of the fest as an artist and was left a little floored by the immensity and pace of the week. "I mean, really, wow. It's such an honor to be here, and I know that's such a cliché answer, but what else can you say?" Gokey says. "I thought (country fans) wouldn't accept me because I'm a pretty soulful singer, but (Randy Travis) said it was the thing that the fans would love, and he was right."

CMA PORTRAITS: Meet the big stars
BONNAROO: Big crowds turn out for Tennessee's other fest

Unfinished business: Power trio Lady Antebellum will seize the spotlight when they head out this fall on the group's first headlining tour, but the summer still includes opening for Tim McGraw. "It's easy to not look too far forward when we're looking onto a sea of faces every night," says Lady A's Hillary Scott. "His fans are so incredible and loyal, and he's proof that working your butt off pays off. It's a good training ground."

Playing with pain: Anybody who thinks artists have it easy needs to check out Jason Aldean's ankle. He sprained it right around the Academy of Country Music Awards in April, "and every time I made a certain move, it would send a pain from my knee all the way down through to my toes," says Aldean, who clearly doesn't have time to go on the disabled list. "So you're on stage trying not to look like you're about to start crying. It's still bothering me now."

Staying plugged in: "I discover most new music through my kids," Martina McBride says. "They're just exposed to so much more music than we were when we were kids, and they have such a wide range of tastes." Reba McEntire says she's seldom shy about picking others' musical brains. "I ask people what they're listening to," McEntire says, noting that she discovered Kings of Leon and Randy Houser that way. "I listen to their iPods sometimes."

Has it really been 10 years? Chart toppers Rascal Flatts can easily see the genre's changes since they hit the scene in 2000.

"I wouldn't have thought then that Bon Jovi or Darius Rucker would be in this genre, and I think we helped open doors for the Taylor Swifts," says singer Gary LeVox. The trio knows it has to roll with the changing marketplace every time a new project approaches. "We try to anticipate what the fans are going to want," Jay DeMarcus says. "And it's hard. It's like shooting in the dark." Adds Joe Don Rooney: "But a great, great song — people will run to it."

Team Coco invades Nashville: Once-and-future late-night host Conan O'Brien played a last-minute "secret" show at rocker Jack White's record store/performance space Third Man Records Thursday night, on the way to his Friday gig at Bonnaroo. The crimson-coiffed talker eschewed most of his comedy bits for a night of sweaty rock 'n' roll (including a rehearsed, but previously unplayed, version of Radiohead's Creep). The show was recorded on reel-to-reel and immediately pressed into limited-edition vinyl for fans to purchase.

Veteran performers The Oak Ridge Boys kicked off the slate of evening shows at LP Field Thursday night with a rendition of the national anthem, underscoring not only their near-constant presence at the CMA's annual event (originally known as Fan Fair) but also their pride in how quickly the city is rebounding from the May flooding. "We were at the very first ones in the mid-'70s," says the Oaks' Joe Bonsall. "We know how much it means to this city, and it's a little more emotional this year because of the flood. To look out on the crowd and realize that a few weeks ago that was all underwater, to see this place packed full, the streets packed full, the bars and restaurants packed full, it makes this event even more special."

It's a marathon, not a sprint: Josh Turner, whose career-defining single Long Black Train got the Friday night LP Field crowd up and forming trains (or conga lines, take your pick), says his camp's preparations for the festival start at least half a year before the event itself. "We're always trying to think and plan ahead, trying to do things that are different and unique, and also trying to make sure that I don't kill myself," Turner says with a laugh. "If you did all the events, you wouldn't have anything left after this week."

Double duty: A handful of artists, including blond bombshells Miranda Lambert and Elizabeth Cook, performed at both big Tennessee music festivals this weekend, splitting time between Nashville and Manchester, home of Bonnaroo. Prior to her LP Field appearance, Lambert admitted to both nerves and excitement for her B'roo experience. "This is country music and what I've been a part of my whole life and I know what to expect, but Bonnaroo is a whole other can of worms," Lambert says.

Meanwhile, Cook, whose new release Welder is getting great notices from all corners, felt no compunction to change up her set for the wildly divergent audiences, playing earthy, sexy songs like El Camino and Booty for both crowds. "The energy may feel different, but the core of a musical experience within an individual is the same. So whether you're tattooed and in dreads and in a bikini at Bonnaroo, or whether you're here in L.L. Bean and wearing your cowboy boots from the Loretta Lynn gift shop, what connects people with music is the same thing."

Keeping it in the (extended) family: Sibling trio the Band Perry were wide-eyed during the whole week's experience, including walking the "blue carpet" at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards, because they knew they had a whole bunch of eyes on them. "We're the CMA babies this year, and we're finding out that it takes a village to raise an artist," says lead vocalist Kimberly Perry. "Management people, label people, Mom and Dad and Grandmother have all been in town and encouraging us, so we're definitely in that keeping-our-noses-to-the-grindstone stage right now."

Songwriter first: Randy Houser, bringing both an intense and fun-loving outlook to the country outlaw sphere, feels his artistic road is made easier because of his own focus on songwriting. "It's way easier to figure out what you don't want to do," Houser says. "You can avoid that by just being a songwriter, and the songs are things I want to say, and it's not just something somebody brought me."

Getting back to normal: Nashville still faces a long haul to recover from the flood, but city officials and agencies worked overtime to get downtown prepped for the festival, Nashville's biggest tourist draw. Work still continues on parts of destinations like the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and other downtown buildings, but the hardest-hit parts of main drag Second Avenue, including independent shops and major venues like the Wildhorse Saloon, are back open and ready for business. Suzanne Goeman, owner of a shop called Music Furniture, which custom-manufactures tables and bars in the shapes of guitars, pianos and drum kits, says the area was "a ghost town for about four weeks," but "we certainly can't complain 花生的營養價值|葡萄的營養價值|無邊絲雨細如愁|這樣喜歡|孤獨|似水流年,凝香芳華|歲月似沙漏|燕子|老屋|我的愛-何處寄放|人質| with this many people walking around."